Fuerteventura Beach weddings

We are here to host your planed weddings at our Sunset Lounge Beach bar

 This is estimate price for the event:

Rent of the Sunset Lounge Beach Bar - € 3000
Alcohol and service - all-inclusive drinks service (Includes the service of waiters for the bar in the event, glassware for the same and service in the bar)
4 waiters) - 2200 €

Estimated alcohol for 100 people:
Beverages + service
5 barrels of 50 liters of beer
7 Barcelo white rum boxes
menta, lemons, sugar.
6 boxes of champagne
Genine, rum, whiskey for combined ... (3 box of gin, 1 box of rum, 6 bottles of different whiskey bottles.
refrescos, tonic, water
4 boxes of white wine (24 bottles)
4 boxes of red wine (24 bottles)
Ice 80 bags.

rent with service
drinks cost // beer (250 liters)
+ rum
+ dig
gins and whisky

Total rent and alcohol with service with 4 waiters:
€ 5200